Need to increase customer retention and sales?
Want to improve your employee and customer digital experience? 

Why Bluebird Digital?

Corporate Digital Expertise

+20 years working in corporate digital teams, I’m an expert in customer-centric solutions for UX/CX and EX focusing on customer retention, customer care and customer help.

Creating Lasting Efficiency

By working within your digital team we can achieve consistent content, editorial standards, targeted email communications and the efficient use of new and existing digital tools.

Digital Transformation

B2B or B2C, lead generation, improved NPS, upsell to existing customers or retain customers to reduce churn, I’ll work with your goals and objectives to get results.
“I help corporate digital leaders evaluate and understand their content. My tailored strategies result in improved employee productivity and efficiency and increased customer retention and acquisition


Help customers find the right information

Ensure your customers are getting the right information on the right channel at the right time. Let’s make sure they are informed and ready to take action.

Manage content and editorial standards

By working within your digital team, I manage the implementation of strategies and tools to future proof quality content and processes for your business.

What they say about me:

“Trudy’s vision, expertise and passion inspired the organisation to change its way of operating in the digital and customer experience field which is so vital for companies today.”
— Jana De Polo, Business Process Analyst – The University of Auckland
“Trudy is a skilled, fun colleague and inspirational mentor ready to share her content strategy knowledge on creating content life cycle processes, accessibility guidelines and more. ”
— Holly Robers, Content Designer – Spark NZ

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