The Bluebird: a universal symbol of happiness and prosperity

The Bluebird has always been part of my personal life so it makes sense to bring it into my business and yours too.

Bluebird Digital will channel into all the good stuff from your business and ensure it’s shared with your customers online in an educational and inspiring way

Let’s make happy employees AND happy customers

I help corporate digital leaders evaluate and understand their content. My tailored strategies result in improved employee experience and increase customer retention and acquisition.

Digital experiences should be so good they’re invisible to the user

Working collaboratively with your team, I specialise in crafting content solutions that will make a real difference to your customer experience. My goal is to help you find practical and achievable ways to create truly useful information on your digital real estate.

What will Bluebird Digital bring to your business?

1. Corporate Digital Expertise

With +20 years working in corporate digital teams, I’ve been here since the start – from full website migrations to upskilling digital teams on new tools and operations. I’m an expert in customer-centric solutions for UX/CX and EX focusing on customer retention, customer care and customer help. My aim is to aid both the people within your business as well as exceed the expectations and needs of your customers.

2. Creating Efficiency for Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

By working within your digital team as your specialist Change Manager, we can achieve consistent content, editorial standards, targetted email comms and the rollout of new tools, CMS or bots. Once complete, your business will deliver digital content and communications to your customers in the way they’ll want to receive it. Together we can create efficiency that benefits all.

3. Digital transformation and Measurable Results

Whether your B2B or B2C, require lead generation, want to improve your NPS, need to upsell to existing customers or retain customers to reduce churn, I’ll work with your goals and objectives to get results. And, by using a contractor, you’ll save money on your staffing budget while equipping your current employees with the skills to continue to carry out the strategy to meet your goals.

Are you ready to positively impact your digital customer experience?